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Wholesale Gift Shop Products – About Sierra Sales & Marketing

Sierra Sales & Marketing was formed in 1995 as a wholesale supplier of single-use cameras. Over the next several years, we became specialists in the gift shop market, and we added other products to our line that have mass consumer appeal across many gift shop venues.

Our gift shop customers often have a short season and a prescribed profit margin. It’s essential, therefore, that we offer products of proven reliability at wholesale costs that are competitive after mark-up for resale. We achieve that through careful product research and sourcing; and by keeping our overhead and expenses as low as possible.

The hallmarks of our program are low minimum order quantities, fast delivery, and free UPS ground shipping of orders over $300.

Technology continues to dictate for good and ill how companies conduct business. We can assure you that our computers do not override our common sense or our ability to make exceptions to the rule. We don’t believe that sophisticated voice-mail systems should be a means to avoid problems or replace conversation. The sound of a ringing phone is music to our ears; never hesitate to call us.

We arrive at our pricing structure through basic arithmetic, not artifice. When we see a website notation to “call for pricing,” we expect that it means, “How low do we have to go to get your business?” or “What price did our competitor offer?” Our prices are set in January and remain the same throughout the calendar year. We want long-term relationships with our customers, and we believe consistent year-long pricing is one way we establish trust.

To our current customers, we thank you for your loyalty through the years; we’ll continue to work hard to keep your business. To prospective customers, thank you for your consideration; we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to work with you.


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